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The Brooks Range stretches from west to east across northern Alaska and into Canada’s Yukon Territory ~ a distance of about 700 miles. This is a land of vast wilderness where thousands of square miles are still untouched by modern man.

Lying on the northern rim of the Brooks Range is the controversial yet unspoiled Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the last great wilderness on earth. This area stretches from the Continental Divide to the Arctic Ocean.

This region is home to the Porcupine herd of Alaska-Yukon barren ground caribou and is virtually unhunted ~ even today. Your host for this memorable Arctic experience is one of a few outfitters permitted to operate in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge and thus can offer some of the best barren ground caribou hunting to be found anywhere.

The mature bull caribou of the Brooks Range produce impressive palmated antlers with many of the bulls taken each fall qualifying for the Boone and Crockett record books. We offer a very limited number of Arctic Refuge barren ground caribou hunts each fall. These caribou hunts are conducted from comfortable spike camps and cabins located in the heart of the hunt area.

This Alaskan hunt does require good physical conditioning with rewards of hunting in one of the most pristine areas left on earth and seeing a majestic bull caribou hanging in your trophy room.

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7-day 2x1 Guided Caribou Hunt
$5,200 per hunter

2nd caribou available for
$2,500 trophy fee

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brooks range caribou hunt
alaska caribou hunt
AK caribou hunt

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